Many people think choosing a new copier is a task. Buying anew copier machine from best printer service centre in uae is not a decision that can be taken effortlessly. You shouldn’t purchase unknowingly, because you might end up buying a copier which doesn’t fit your office needs. Investing a large amount at once in office equipment should Be WORTH IT!! So, take you time do your research, know what are your needs, determine all features you need.

And here we come in picture. We Photocopier supplier in Abu dhabi have put together a basic guide which can help you and make it easy for you to purchase copier!!

Few things you should ask yourself or you should know when buying a new copier machine.

1 Determine the purpose of the new copier machine, what exactly will machine do

Nowadays copier isn’t just a copier like 80’s and 90’s that make copies. Copiers have potential to do printing, scanning & surprisingly faxing.  If your day – day assignments involve these chores than Multifunctional copiers will be the best option.

2 Decide whether Black\white or color copier machine

You need to take a look on what type of materials are printed in your office. this will make it easy for you to decide whether you should buy monochrome (Black/White) or color copier. If you process large volume of color copiers like brochure, flyers or marketing material. then you should pick color copier. 

3 Find out print volume or usage of you company

Find out your requirement as per your business size i.e. small, large business or just a startup? know how much print/copies or usage of the machine on your daily basis. Buy a copier with high ppm if your companies print volume is high. If it’s a startup and work mostly online, then you can go with low-speed copiers. Finding volume will directly help you to decide the speed of the machine.

4 Determine the speed of the copier

The speed generally measured in (PPM) Print per minute or (CPM) Copies per minute and its ranging from 25ppm to 55ppm on high side. Before you get into the decision of purchasing copier, you need to know the speed of the machine to run your business smoothly

5 Find out additional features is required in your machine

Advance features or additional accessories like wireless connectivity, Data encryption, hole punching, stapling etc.  Get some knowledge about this feature and look whether it match your needs as it can cost you more than expected price of a copier. Investing on copier with all this advance feature especially Wireless connectivity and data encryption can be more convenient and secure for employees.

6 Think about space at your work place

Space in your office plays a vital role in decision of buying a copier. Some of the machines are bulky and large in size, which can create a fuss at your office or can end up placing it in a spot which won’t be easy to access. So, if you don’t have much space you can go for compact size printers like konica minolta photocopier suppliers in uae, Kyocera supplier in uae , Sharp photocopier supplier in uae , canon printer supplier in abu dhabi etc. So before purchasing think about the space at your office. 

This were few things to remember while buying your new copier. looking for new copier? we Euro Digital- Best Printer service centre are here to help you or guide you. We have expertise in this field we’ll help you choose the best copier which will meet your needs

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